“Fruits and Vegetables have an improved taste.”

My wife and I have been using our Tyent water ionizer for the past two years and it has made quite a difference in our health and our enjoyment of different foods. My wife really enjoys the improved taste and healthiness of fruits and vegetables rinsed and soaked in high-alkaline water. We have found that even 'organic' produce can, after soaking in high-alkaline water, leave a dingy film and an oily substance in the rinse water that has been removed from them.

“Alkaline water extends the use of our teabags by 400%!”

We love to make iced tea with the alkaline water since, not only does it improve the flavor of the tea, but it extends the use of our teabags by 400%.  We place 3 standard teabags in our 2-gallon pitcher and fill it with alkaline water.  By the time the pitcher is full, it is ready to drink.  We can then fill the pitcher three more times and get an additional six gallons of enjoyable iced tea out of the original teabags.

“One month (after drinking Tyent Water), my acid reflux has been completely under control.”

I have seen an incredible improvement in my health after years of suffering from acid reflux disease.  I had been taking an acid blocker medication daily to control the problem.  After two months of drinking the alkaline water daily, I decreased my dosage to one pill per week.  One month later, I no longer needed to take the medication and my acid reflux has been completely under control ever since.  If I feel any amount of acid indigestion coming on, instead of reaching for an antacid tablet, I drink a glass of alkaline water.  One glass is all it takes and my potential problem is gone.

“I’m feeling much more energized and Tyent Water has made losing weight much easier.”

I used to hate to drink plain water and had gotten addicted to drinking colas, leaving me overweight and feeling lethargic.  Now I would much rather have a glass of water from our Tyent ionizer, and I am drinking over a gallon per day, which leaves me feeling much more energized, healthy and has made losing weight much easier.


Kevin Pinkerman, Pennsylvania,