Shower Lux Filters

The Shower-Lux2 shower filter offers a low-profile design with our exclusive filtration media. Designed to be used with a 2.5 gallon per minute showerhead (optional), this economy filter installs easily on all standard 1/2 inch shower pipes. Shower head extension is less than 1.5 inches for ample headroom. The Slim-Line is compact but powerful in both function and performance.


  • Low Profile Design
  • "Extend-A-Path"™ Baffle System
  • Shower head Extension-Less than 1.5"
  • SHOWER LUX Filter Cartridge (Model TYSLCART)
  • Optional White and Chrome colors.
  • Cartridge Life Rating: 6 Months
  • Date Setting Feature for Cartridge Replacement.

What type of filter is ShowerLux?

It’s a gravity-fed filter, which allows you to shower in clean water without impacting your flow rate.

How long does the ShowerLux filter last?

3-6 months based on your source water, your family size and your water usage.

Besides the time that passes, what are 2 other ways you can you tell that it is time to change filter?

  • You'll know because your hair and skin will feel different and you'll begin to smell chlorine because your shower will revert back to a high chlorine environment.
  • Filter has VERY UNIQUE "dial a date" feature on your chrome and white color shower filters.

What is the name of the key active ingredient?


Chlorgon is a proprietary and patented filtration media developed by Sprite Industries, and it works by converting chlorine into chloride. Chloragon works in a very similar manner to KDF-55 but is much more efficient at removing chlorine in high temperatures, making it an ideal media for shower water filtration.

What does Chloragon do?

Removes: Chlorine, dirt and sediment, iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide.

What standards did Chloragon test against?

Chloragon tested against NSF/ANSI and met their standards.

What is the average household pH?

Average household PH 5.5-8.5. ShowerLux will not change the pH of your water.

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