ACE-11 Water Ionizer

The ACE-11 is leading the next generation of ionizers in the industry.  Look no further to experience some of the most powerful, ionized, alkaline water available with EXTREME results!



Introducing the ACE-11 Above-Counter EXTREME Ionizer featuring:

  • Hydrogen Boost Technology
  • Sleek, Slimline & Sexy Design for maximum counter space saving
  • SMPS Plus Turbo Power
  • (11) Solid/Mesh Hybrid Titanium Plates Dipped & Baked in Platinum
  • Super convenient center-spout
  • Front-Load Filters w/ Quick-Release Technology
  • Platinum Lifetime Warranty


Check out the ACE-11 in ACTION!

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS ::  11.8" W  x 5.3" D x 13.9" H


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