Our History


Michael Kinnett breaks with tradition in many ways and when you first meet him you'll immediately think that he is part Rock Star and part standup comedian, but after you spend about two minutes talking to him you’ll find that he has developed a specialized presentation that enables him to enhance the technical understanding experience for every client interested in improving their health.

Michael came into the Wellness business from the Marketing side of life.  As a Management Consultant with a degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Colorado, he is a Molecular Hydration Specialist who has developed a specialized marketing technique which has enabled him to travel the world as an Author, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer to mid-size and entrepreneurial companies looking to improve sales and marketing.  Michael's track record is very impressive as are his presentations & training DVD’s.

Michael’s energy is magnetic and palpable and with these two dynamic forces working for him, has attracted a creative a team of specialists that has built his growing company “Future Foundation Wellness Group” into several thousand knowledgeable Health Consultants.

Michael is very conversant with the chemistry of “Alkaline” water and the beneficial effects it has had with various conditions of clients around the world. With his specialized background he converts complex biological systems of the human body, into plain English to explain the performance of the ionic water medical effect to groups of every type.

As an outspoken advocate of this wonderfully disruptive technology and how well it works, Michael is out sharing the story of the internal battle for good health between Acid vs. Alkaline pH inside the body. “What a remarkable difference that understanding will make in your life”

"Changing your Health with Water” is our mission statement and the goal with every client we have the privilege to serve.  "No one gets an "A" in everything", especially when it comes to a subject as specific and regulated as the medical industry.

Your health is the largest single financial investment that you will ever make and therefore before you buy anything and put it into your body you should be advised by his team of professionals who get "Straight A"s in this subject and can guide you through the process easily and profitably.

As the saying goes; "If you're going to walk through a mine field, you had better follow somebody!"

Running, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Traveling, Wine Tasting and Fine Dining round out our list of activities that drive our activities along with our community service projects. We also enjoy making new social & business friends and value these relationships as precious gifts of life.

A Votre Santé, (To Your Health)

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Why Choose Us

We believe in always learning!  There is so much new information being introduced on a daily basis and we are constantly out there, seeking, gathering, reviewing the facts and compiling the results for YOUR benefit.

We've been approached by hundreds of organizations asking us to promote thousands of different products.  We've tested them all and ONLY promote what we truly believe is beneficial and produces the RESULTS that you would expect!


Our Standards



We strive for standards of excellence and will always do anything and everything in our power to get you the knowledge and resources you need to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

We dare you to put us to the test.  If we don't meet or exceed your expectations, everything we offer and promote is GUARANTEED with 100% satisfaction!

Our Principles

Be a human, not an employee

We began with a long list of words to describe our Secret Logic, and then decided that number 1 is really the only secret that matters. The truth is-the key to making customers happy is not a secret at all. You see - we treat you like a human being, with kindness and respect. We treat you the same as we like to be treated by others - with love, excitement and vigor about our products and making you happy.

What Does Our Secret Logic Mean to You - Our Customer?

You must be dazzled with magnificent customer service.

You will be listened to and helped in every way possible by us.

You will receive straightforward and informative answers to all of your questions. If we ever cannot answer a question for you, we will research it and get back to you.

We Say Yes

Yes, we put our customer's happiness first.

Yes, we will go out of our way to make you happy so you can brag about us to your friends and family.

Yes, we promise to stay dynamic in our industry to supply you with cutting-edge products.